Welcome to Padakshep Library


Padakshep library is a project undertaken by Padakshep to extend its helping hand to many more underprivileged students across West Bengal, India. Apart from our scholarship project, this library project is meant to supply text books to those students for whom buying books is not something that their families can afford.

Library Project

Padakshep supports education of the underprivileged students who cannot afford to buy books for their study. Our anchors are directly engaged in helping many underprivileged students in various schools of West Bengal.

Our mission is to reach as many students as possible with the mantle of knowledge and hope. With education as a tool, we can transform many lives for the better. Please join us in this endeavor and volunteer for us.

Donate to Padakshep so that we can buy more books for the underprivileged students for whom education can be an unfulfilled journey. You can also donate books.