Library Scholars


Padakshep library is a project undertaken by Padakshep more recently. Besides providing mentorship and scholarship to underprivileged students, our goal is to provide text books as a small help to many more underprivileged students across West Bengal, India. While collecting the information about the bright students from the newspapers and other reliable sources, we have recognized that there are many of them who need help financially. Thus, our goal in this project is to provide them probably the most essential thing, the text books to help in their journey of education. Currently the scholars are in higher than tenth grade. However, our aim is to reach out to students from different grades. The main goals in the library project are:

  • To design a fair process of selecting the candidates

  • To provide required text books

  • To provide other relevant books that help the students to reach a specific goal (for example, JEE entrance exam)