Padakshep Library Policy

Padakshep Library Policy is subject to periodic evaluation and changes. Please follow these guidelines to help us organize Padakshep’s mission. In case of any conflict, bylaws will supercede any other policies.



The term "patron" will be used only for those who supports Padakshep Library by donating books and/or provides financial support.


The term "anchor" will be used only for those who directly mentor and monitor the underprivileged students and informs Padakshep about the specific books that they need. Anchors can be teachers or people from any profession with the ability to judge the needs of books required by the students. Padakshep reserves the right to choose anchors.


The term “Library” will be used to describe Padakshep Library project. The library refers to Padakshep’s collection of books.

Padakshep Library committee

Padakshep library will comprise 8 members. The responsibilities are –

    1. Buying and distributing books, storing safely and securely and record the names.
    2. Save all the proofs of expenses and forward those to the treasury department at Padakshep.
    3. Select beneficiaries and anchors.
    4. Encourage donations to the Library.
    5. Encourage our beneficiaries to give the books back to Padakshep once they are not using those anymore.

Selection of students

    1. Selection of students for this project can be an ongoing process throughout the year depending on the budget and the available funds. The selection process for the scholarship project gets priority over the library project. Once, the students are selected for the scholarship project, the rest of the students in the list will be considered for the library project.
    2. The criteria for the selection will be similar to the scholarship project. (see bylaws)
    3. Additionally, an anchor must be available to communicate with the students.

Responsibilities of anchors

    1. An anchor has to be in direct communications with Padakshep Library committee. He should be easily reached by email and phone. Preference will be given to those individuals who are already known to Padakshep volunteers.
    2. An anchor should be aligned with Padakshep’s mission. He should also be apolitical and non-religious. Padakshep won’t be responsible for any misconduct by an anchor.
    3. Distribution of books from Padakshep will never, under any circumstances, be associated with additional expenses outside the mission of Padakshep. Anchors and volunteers will be responsible to ensure the above. Furthermore, the anchors and volunteers should not engage in celebrations and events which boasts about Padakshep’s donation.

Record keeping

    1. All proofs of expenses will be saved. Electronic copies will be saved and recorded to our internal site. These documents can be obtained by our members upon requests.
    2. Names of the books will be recorded and saved according to a protocol developed by the Library.

Financial record keeping

    1. Donations to the Library will be recorded separately.
    2. All proofs of expenses will be saved as electronic copies.
    3. Budget for this project must be approved by the treasury department at Padakshep.
    4. Any fund transfer or reimbursement must be approved and recorded by the treasury department at Padakshep.

Documents collected

    1. Anchors should provide Padakshep with a list of students who can potentially receive books from Padakshep.
    2. Proofs of financial conditions and merit should be collected by the anchor and sent to Padakshep via email.